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Bringing Assisting Living Options to Seniors and Their Families

Seniors Assisted Livinng
  • Does Mom forget to bathe?
  • Does Grandpa having trouble transferring from his wheelchair to the bed or to the toilet?
  • Does Dad have arthritis in his hands which hinders his ability to dress himself?
  • Is Grandma afraid to be alone?
  • Does Aunt Sadie need help with meal preparation?

Sometimes our loved ones need more than just light housekeeping help (making the bed, cleaning the bathroom), or a meal with their neighbors. Senior Resources, Inc. has relationships with many of the senior assisted living communities or homes in the greater Los Angeles area. We urge you to use our free placement service to locate the ideal senior community for your family member.

What kind of accommodations can you expect? For the most part, assisted living senior communities offer apartment-style living with either a small utility kitchen (no stove) or no kitchen at all. This is because many of the residents no longer have the physical ability or stamina to prepare their own meals, or may have memory issues could cause hazardous conditions.

Our staff can also make arrangements for:

  • An escort to and from doctor’s appointments
  • Care management between your loved one and their physicians/pharmacy
  • Medication monitoring and management


How do you know if you or your family member needs assisted living care?

They may have any of the following:

  • Difficulty managing everyday living activities such as bathing, grooming and dressing themselves
  • Changes in their personal appearance and hygiene habits (e.g., loss of weight, unable to perform activities of daily living)
  • Lack of socializing with others either because they can’t get out on their own or are starting to isolate themselves
  • Expired food items in the refrigerator or cabinets
  • Signs of household neglect (trash that hasn’t been taken out, unkempt  bathrooms or kitchens, unwashed dishes in the sink)
  • Unopened bills or mail, which will eventually cause credit problems and possible home foreclosure or eviction

As your senior care advisors, we will make whatever arrangements are necessary to improve quality of life for you and your family member. We understand how frustrating, and stressful finding the right assisted living facility can be. That’s why we do the research and help find the perfect placement for you. Senior Resources, Inc. is your personal connection to all senior services in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Contact us today.